root canal treatment
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Root Canal Treatments

The goal of root canal therapy is to improve the health of your damaged tooth. During treatment, the pulp is removed from your root canals through a small opening in the crown. Then the canals are cleaned and disinfected. The canals are then sealed with an inert material that occupies the space vacated by the removal of the pulp. After the inside of your tooth has been treated, the outside will be restored to protect your tooths underlying structures and to bring the tooth back into function. Your dentist will usually cover the tooth with a ceramic or metal crown.

A Root Canal Treatment is a procedure to repair severely damaged or infected tooth. This treatment is widely undertaken treatment throughout the globe and there’s nothing to be worried about in it. This treatment basically involves different steps from removing the vandalized area of the tooth (the pulp), disinfecting and cleaning it and then filling the vacant area by cement or metal and then sealing it. In older days, the damaged teeth with septic or death pulp were straight away removed but now-a-days, Root Canal Treatment has facilitated dentists around the world to save that unhealthy teeth. It is like a boon to an oral health. The dental pulp is the soft tissue that is made up of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Like a soul to the body is a dental pulp to the teeth.When the pulp is damaged or injured and if it cannot repair itself, it dies decaying the teeth causing severe pain. The major cause forthe decease of any dental pulp is a deep cavity or a cracked tooth. Either of these problems can let bacteria enter the pulp, causing a dreadful infection inside the tooth.If not treated in time, this can lead to the building of pus in pulp which further results in unbearable pain and swelling. Hence it is advisable to have regular dental check-ups and if required get treated in time. The ultimate goal of this treatment is to improve the health of your damaged tooth and save it from further decay. In simpler words, a cleaning of the canals inside the tooth’s root is known as Root Canal Treatment. A repaired tooth can last a lifetime if you take enough care for your gums and teeth. Also, regular dental checkups are necessary.

Following are few of the noteworthy advantages of treating the tooth with root canal therapy:

  • Protects other teeth from decaying or excessive wear and strain
  • Efficient chewing
  • Normal biting force
  • Normal sensation
  • Natural appearance

Practice following habits once treated by Root Canal Treatment:

  • Practicing good oral hygiene can keep you away from further problems
  • Brush & Floss twice a day
  • Have regular dental check-ups
  • Cleaning & Examinations by dentists is essential after the treatment.
  • Spare your treated teeth from hard food. Doing so can harm the root canals