tooth jewellary
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Tooth Jewellary

People visit IDC Dental Care for the best dental treatments in Vadodara. From dental surgeries to gum treatment, root canal to dentures, kids dentistry to full mouth rehabilitation. IDC is trusted by many for their orthodontic and dental treatments. Now-a-days, IDC is also being visited for their remarkable treatment namely, Teeth Jewelry. This is not basically a treatment but a procedure which is done purely for decorative purpose. Tooth jewelry is usually done by our clients to highlight their smile.

With the time, people are increasingly becoming self-conscious about their appearance especially facial looks. The Smile is an important aspect of anyone’s look and so, tooth jewelry, now-a-days, is becoming a great trend among the youngsters. With advanced technologies and years of experience, IDC practices the dentistry which can provide safe and sound methods to beautify your smile you can never imagine of. In older days, tooth jewelry was not considered reliable and posed many threats on the health of teeth since it undertook many processes like drilling and fixing the stone which could damage the teeth and can cause a permanent fracture to the tooth. Moreover, this procedure was irreversible making it least chosen option by the people. But now, dental procedures have achieved great heights and with the advancement in the techniques and methods, it is now much easier to undergo such treatments. Dental jewelry treatment has become a much more reliable option for the decoration of the tooth and the beautification of the smile. The scenario has widely changed safer options are available in cosmetic dentistry. Tooth jewels, basically in a form of crystal stones or sticker, can now be stuck to one’s teeth with no complication and also removed easily whenever needed. Crystals or Stickers are safe enough that if swallowed will not cause any kind of problem. Depending on the budget and requirements these tooth jewelry can be made from pure gold to any precious stones. At, IDC, our clients get the best and most reliable Tooth Jewelry treatment in Vadodara. With utmost guidance and care, one can have a beautiful and remarkable smile without any worries or tension. Also, the tooth jewelry cost at IDC is comparatively cheaper than other dental clinics in Vadodara. However, tooth jewelry requires extensive care as it makes our teeth vulnerable to the plaque but that’s not to worry because our well-experienced dentists offer the best after-treatment guidance and help you to preserve your smile and investment as well. Also, one should understand the fact that, tooth jewels are a temporary investment and that its longevity depends mainly on the personal oral care and hygiene. With proper habits and hygiene, tooth jewelry can last longer beautifying your smile for a longer period of time. Routine cleaning and check-upsare must to maintain the tooth jewelry.

People are becoming bolder and look out for different procedures like cosmetic and dental jewelry treatments to glorify the smile for their appearance – grab everyone’s attention, make a fashion statement and to be different in the crowd. With our qualified & friendly dentists by your side, you can easily choose the best jewel to wear & flaunt that priceless smile everyday!