crown and bridges
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Crown And Bridges

Crown and Bridges are prosthetic aids that are fixed and cemented onto existing teeth or implants.These are permanently fixed and cemented in the vacant space and require the regular dental care just like a natural tooth. International Dental Care offers the most reliable and trustworthy Crown and Bridges services which resulted in the cent percent customer satisfaction.

When your tooth is broken, cracked or discolored, Dental Crowns is used to cover that tooth.Just like the name ‘crown’ suggests, it is a cap which is used to cover the surface of the tooth or implant. When old and large fillings of the teeth are lost, they are severely decayed and badly discolored which steals the beauty of your precious smile. To regain that lost beauty, we at IDC offer the best dental crown service in Vadodara. Mined around the world, Zirconia is a well-known metal used widely in dental crowns. It is classified as a family member of Titanium. Apart from dental crowns, you can find the presence of Zirconia in electric fixtures and dinnerware. It is popular for its nonpareil durability since crowns require lots of strength for chewing and grinding the solid food. Another type of crown commonly used by us is Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown – PFM. It is made by fusing the layer of porcelain on a metal shell at very high temperature. This high temperature makes sure that the porcelain never gets apart from the metal shell forming a strong bond between them.PFM crown provides the tensile strength and compression of metal and the white tooth-like appearance due to the presence of porcelain.This makes it suitable for the front teeth restoration.We even use crowns that are made purely from metal. These restoring crowns are made from gold or silver-colored (white) dental alloy. They are preferred for their exceptional strength and boundless durability.

Zerconia (Metal Free) : It is more esthetic and has higher strength .

PFM( Porcelain Fused to Metal): It is a combination of metal and ceramic.

Metal: We use beryllium and nickel free metal

If you are missing one or more teeth, Dental Bridges are used. Itis a ceramic structure, used to fill the gap left by a missing or removed tooth.The space created by the breakage or removal of the tooth affects the beauty of your smile and hence it is needed to cover the space in which dental bridge plays an important role. They are fixed and cemented onto your natural teeth or an implant that surrounds the vacant space. After taking an impression of your mouth, our IDC dentists design an artificial tooth usually made from ceramic which is then used to fill the gap. Pontic is a replacement tooth which is attached to the crowns that cover the abutments.These bridges are made from the porcelain or ceramic as per the color and shape of your existing teeth to match with them perfectly. With our tooth bridge service, you can improve the appearance of your natural teeth. When the tooth is broken or removed, gaps and space formed by them can cause the remaining teeth to shift, resulting in a bad bite. Use of Crowns and Bridges can help in preventing this to happen.

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges:

  • It strengthens the damaged tooth.
  • They improve the tooth’s appearance, shape and alignment.
  • Use of Crowns and Bridges enhances the biting strength and dental occlusion.
  • Gets back the lost beauty of your precious smile.